Adjustable Replacement Trunnion Wt-Dist


  • Raised hitch ball platform eliminates the need for raised hitch balls
  • Easy-to-use serrated washers for head adjustment
  • Forged ball platform and spring bar mounts
  • Rated up to 15,000 lbs. GTW and 1,500 lbs. TW
  • Easy-to-use adjusting washers for head adjustment
  • One piece cast head round bar mount
  • Limited lifetime warranty

You need to put 10-15% of your total trailer weight on the tongue for good stability, and sometimes that's far too much tongue weight for the tow vehicle. It overstresses the rear springs, reduces weight on the front tires and compromises steering, and generally makes your whole rig hard to control. A properly set-up Weight Distributing hitch will transfer weight from the rear axle to the front, leveling the truck. That means you have full weight on the front tires for steering, a rear ride height that keeps you off the bump stops and keeps the headlight aimed properly. If your rig still has sway issues, even with properly adjusted tongue weight, then you can add a sway control device, either mechanical, friction or hydraulic to work in concert with your WD hitch to really tame that sway. Don't tire yourself out fighting a poorly-set-up, ill-handling rig. Don't take chances with a rig that won't go straight, doesn't respond to the steering wheel properly and has poor braking performance, all because the weight is all on the wrong end of the truck.

Reese Elite, R16, Select Series, Sidewinder, Titan, Revolution, Goosebox, and Strait Line and SC (active sway control) weight distribution systems are some of the best heavy duty towing and trailer control products available today. Since 1952 the Reese brand has lead the trailer towing industry with proven designs that exceed the industry standards and is the "brand of choice" when performance is the expectation. Known for a tradition of "Pioneering Performance," Reese is the perfect selection for all of your heaviest towing needs.

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