Trip-Edge Plow

Boss' SmartHitch 2 and SmartTouch 2 make their Trip-Edge Plow simple and easy to use. It also uses their SmartLight 2 to project light wider and further than any other light on the market. The Trip-Edge Design protects the plow and truck from damage when obstacles are encountered and the trip-edge tension can be adjusted by the operator depending on the jo at hand. It has Cast-iron plow shoes which provide extended wear resistance.  The Trip-Edge Plow also has a high-strength steel 1" diameter pivot pin that increases the life of the plow. The Heavy-Duty Push Frame & Quadrant gives the plow extra strength and durability.The SmartShield finish provides protection from corrosion and a long-lasting, high-gloss shine. The enclosed high-performance hydraulic system delivers speed and reliability and is protected from the elements to prevent corrosion and hydraulic freeze-up. The chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system virtually eliminates snowplow "bounce" associated with transporting a plow. The Straight-Blade Steel also comes with a 2-year limited warranty which includes both parts and labor for a full two years.


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