Over 30 Years of Experience

Toppers Plus Store

Toppers & Trailers Plus Remains a Family Owned and Operated Company

Toppers & Trailers Plus was started by Leroy and Deb Lorentz in 1986 in a small rented store outside of Mankato, Minnesota. In 1989, Leroy and Deb purchased an old house with a triple car garage in the middle of a corn field on the east side of Mankato. Two stalls of the garage were converted into a showroom, while the other stall was used for installation. As the City of Mankato grew, so did Toppers Plus. In 1992, there was a 40 x 100 foot addition added to the building.

In 2002, another addition was added to become the existing building, leaving nothing of the original garage.

In 2017, Toppers and Trailers Plus opened at second location in Le Sueur, MN. This location allows us to serve people from Le Sueur and the Twin Cities with a large lot, showroom and shop.

At Toppers & Trailers Plus we provide flexibility and choice in vehicle accessories and equipment. We take pride in the quality of the products we feature and in the integrity of the service we provide.

Toppers & Trailers Plus continues to grow and expand its product lines to accommodate the demands of this ever-changing industry. Please take this opportunity to browse our site for toppers, trailers, truck accessories, snowplows and more. Remember to check out our coupons.


Come Meet Our Shop Dogs!

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Meet Lexi! Lexi's first day at work was 10/29/07. Lexi was born 8/13/07.  Lexi's last day of work was 12/6/19. She will be very missed.

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Meet Sojo, a Rhodesian Ridgeback! Sojo's first day of work was 11/15/10. Sojo was born 9/4/10.