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Back Drags are a piece of steel that is attached to the backside of you cutting edge on your snowplow. The Back Drag is made of 3/8 inch thick steel. It is effortlessly installed in no time with only 8 bolts and pre-set holes for Hiniker and Boss snowplows steel and poly blades. The Back Drag is the heaviest duty steel back drag blade on the market.

They help drag the snow back from garage doors, loading docks, or up against any similar surface. They save time and money by eliminating time spent shoveling those areas. They also help with wear and tear on your current cutting edge. They are easy to install and manufactured here in Mankato.


It may have stopped snowing for now, but don't get left in the cold! Order your Back Drags now and be ready to get back into it!

Product Feature

  • Easy Install
  • Versatile
  • Increased Profits
  • Powder Coated


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