BX-12 Box Plow

BOSS' BX-12 uses the universal fork mounting system to make easier to attach and detach. The BX-12 box plow features the BOSS' SmartShield finish providing protection from corrosion and gives it a long-lasting, high-gloss shine.The High-Efficiency Moldboard which features a 70-degree attack angle that "rolls" the snow and reduces the resistance. The BX-12's exclusive Self-Adjusting Box Wings automatically adjust to the contours to the pavement and eliminates scoop angle adjustments. It also has a segmented trip-edge so each cutting edge segement trips individually and with the versatile dual wear rubber cutting edge it extends the life of the cutting edge. The exclusive support struts pivot for structural strength, stability, and long-term  reliability. The BX-12 come with a 2-year Warranty that includes parts and labor for a full 2 years.



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