Hiniker 8000 Series Reversible C-Plow
The Hiniker 8000 Series C-Plow snowplow offers all of the heavy-duty performance of the 7000 Series conventional plow plus the added versatility of a high-performance backdrag plow. Plow loading docks, residential driveways, and congested parking areas faster than ever. The patented Hiniker C-Plow blade actually converts from a conventional plow into a backdrag plow with the push of a button, letting you remove snow quickly and easily from garage aprons, curbs, loading docks, and tight corners. Then touch a button again to flip the blade upright and push the snow away.

Model 8802 8902
Blade Width 8' 9'
Blade Height 30" 30"
Moldboard Surface 1/4" HMW poly 1/4" HMW poly
Verticle Ribs 10 10
Compression Trip Springs 4 4
Plow Width at 30 Degree Angle 83" 93"
Top Cutting Edge (High Carbon 1084 Steel) 1/4"X4" 1/4"X4"
Lower Cutting Edge (High Carbon 1084 Steel) 3/8"X6" 3/8"X6"
Trip Pivot Point Height 9" 9"
Weight (Net of Truck Mounted Hardwear) 800 lbs. 835 lbs.
  • Long lasting cast ductile-iron skid shoes.


  • The high-tensile steel superstructure of the moldboard provides exeptional resistance to bending and bowing, for extra heavy-duty applications. 10 laser-cut steel ribs add exeptional strength.


  • Pinch-free pivot point is 9" above the surface providing protection from higher obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers.


  • SUPER-BRIGHT quad halogen headlights have up to twice the power of typical sealed beam lights.


  • 30" tall, high curve, high-density polyethylene moldboards are dent-resistant and corrosion-free. Snow flows easily for more efficient plowing.


  • Converts from a conventional plow to a backdrag with the push of a button.

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