Mid-Size Full-Trip Poly Snowplow Hiniker 700 Series

The Hiniker 700 series plow is designed for light truck owners who want to clear their own property. Get the ease
and convenience that Hiniker plows are famous for in a plow designed for most full-size 1/2 ton and compact
four-wheel-drive trucks.

Model 702 752
Blade Width 7' (76" at full angle) 7.5' (82" at full angle)
Blade Height 26" 26"
Moldboard Surface 1/4" HMW Black Polyethylene 1/4 HMW Black Polythylene
Cutting Edge 3/8"X6"X92" 3/8"X6"X92"
Weight (Net of Truck Mounted Hardwear) 460 lb.. 460 lb.
  • SUPER-BRIGHT quad halogen headlights have up to twice the power of typical sealed beam lamps.
  • Hydraulic scissors lift cuts transport bounce, eliminates lift chains.
  • 6 Vertical and 2 diagonal ribs provide strenght and support.
  • Full moldboard trip system helps protect plow and truck.

  • Low-maintenance poly moldboard surface reduces friction, never needs painting. Optional rubber or polyrthylene snow deflectors.
  • 3/8"X6" high carbon steel replaceable cutting edge.
  • Fully hydraulic lift and angling system.

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