Scoop Plow

Move snow more efficiently with a Hiniker trip-edge Scoop plow. The unique concave shape captures snow, providing greater capacity, less spillage, and faster, more efficient plowing.

Model 6801 6901
Blade Width 8' 9'
Blade Height 30" 30"
Moldboard Surface 1/4" HMW poly 1/4" HMW poly
Verticle Ribs 12 14
Compression Trip Springs 4 4
Cutting Edge (High Carbon 1084 Steel) 3/8"X6" 3/8"X6"
Power Angling Rams 1.5"X10" 1.5"X10"
Weight (Net of Truck Mounted Hardwear) 764 lb. 799 lb.
  •  20 degree fixed-angle outer ends.
  • Conventional plow weigth and simplicity.
  • V-Plow capacity and efficiency.
  • Fixed-end plow simplicity.
  • SUPER-BRIGHT quad halogen headlights have up to twice the power of typical sealed beam lamps.
  • Twelve (8') of fourteen (9') laser-cut ribs strenghten the moldboard frame.
  • Trouble-free compression-type trip springs.
  • 1/4" thick HMW low-friction polyethtlene moldboard never needs refinishing.
  • "No Pinch" pivot prevents stones, ice or debris from jamming the trip-edge. Thiss allows fot the full return of the trip-edge every time.
  • Hydraulic scissors lift cut transport bounce, eliminates chains.
  • Horizontal_truss moldboard frame provides exeptional resistance to bending and bowing.
  • Cast iron shoes are standard equipment.

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